Dare to DEFY

Admit it. You look in the mirror more times than you care to admit. Think you’ve got the full package? Look closer, son! Gross residue, fine (or not so fine) lines and all that disgusting gunk oozing out of your skin won’t get you any more looks than the one staring back at you from the mirror.
Most guys have absolutely no idea how to take care of their skin. Don’t do what the women do - their numerous bottles, tubes and jars intimidates even the toughest man.
Get smarter (with a little help from us). and get DEFY, the skincare for every guy on this planet, whether or not he knows how to clean up like a man.

Take the 30 Day Challenge!
DEFY all expectations.

Use the DEFY Starter Kit for just 30 days and get clean, toned and smooth skin that your friends will envy!

The starter kit contains:

One Dirt Fighter with NVIRO-P that cleanses and protects your skin
One Youth Tonic with TRI-GENICS that fights fine lines and wrinkles for you